24.01.09, 04:53:20

2. tkC Drumsesonate

Download (1,7 MB)

drumpatch + fx

25.12.08, 10:33:15

20. not jingle bells

Download (3,2 MB)

mostly random patch with 25 modules,
lots of DIY stuff.
Triggers are random, exept the BD, VCO pitch is random CV thru dual quantiser

no show, no tonal posing, just the picture of the Moment.
perfect for the modulardiary ;)

27.10.08, 22:52:39

18. seriell-parallel

Download (3 MB)

just a simple patch based on a patch around the Haible Scanner.
It's just to show a Friend that my patchs can be in series AND also parallel.

02.08.08, 12:01:59


Download (0,8 MB)

drums vom modular + ne hihat vom NM1, letzteres so auf die schnelle