04.04.10, 20:32:41


Download (1,3 MB)

Low Module count patch according to the Audiopath:

1x E350 thru LPG as one Voice.
1x VCDO thru LPG as the other voice ( forgot to bypass the Phaser i guess, but you can't hear it )
a little CV panning was added on both voices

the musicality was not worked out. But i rerely do.
Much work that is. and sync of the sequenzers was not working
( two MFB sequenzers are in repair )

12.04.09, 12:46:39

16.LCntBBDAD Dlyjam2,7min

Download (11,9 MB)

Doepfer:Quad AD, 2x BBD module

it'S a Jamsong with following addition:
plus one multiple and one clockdvider to sync two TC D-Two Delays.
the clock divider could have been omitted.

a litle bit of a cheap 19" reverb was also added.
It's a jam, so no cuts

it was maybe the second or third time experimenting with the A-143-1,but i have it since one year, never liked it.

10.04.09, 18:40:38

10.10april. drumgroove

Download (3,3 MB)

2 VCOs and the 808 BD are the only soundsources, everything else is gating and modularFX plus 19" Delay and Reverb

22.03.09, 08:57:24


Download (5,5 MB)

the intro of one of my Jamsongs.
I think i added some software Reverb.
Beside modularsynth also some 19" Delay and Reverb as allways
simple basic patch with neural agonizer

19.03.09, 22:46:07

8. verEhRte,ct,WzV

Download (6,3 MB)

ambientjam around the neural agoniser i think.
This shit of a software Reverb i added to the file makes it hard to recognise if there was my springreverb.
ok, not really ;)